Graphic Media Accelerator, Xorg and Intel

The other day I upgraded Xorg on my Gentoo Box (Kernel 2.6.30) and then my Firefox became incredibly slow when I tried to look at some flash pages or open Gmail. I heckled around and found the solution: The Graphic Media Accelerator from Intel should be labeled “Intel”  in our xorg.conf file and not “i810”. Since I changed that, everything runs smooth except that driconf still gives me an error [but I do not mind that because my Firefox is a lot faster now]. For Gentoo-Users also do not forget to set ‘VIDEO_CARDS=”intel”‘ in your /etc/make.conf. Also make sure you got all the Xorg modules compiled correctly [and the latest version thereof].

HD Intel SSD Flash 160GB X25-M with Gentoo running Smooth

Ok, because of this post I had to try a Intel SSD. So I bought this one here. I moved all my data over like this. It all worked well and now I am running on my new SSD. And there is a big difference. So a quote from here is totally true:

If you’re curious, it’s the random write performance that you’re most likely to notice and that’s where a good SSD can really shine; you write 4KB files far more often than you do 2MB files while using your machine.

Also Startup-Time of your computer is crazy fast! I can hardly see my Gentoo-Message while BootUp anymore. If your are on Linux, also consider these options for fstab and booutup: noatime, elevator=noop. But read more of your own in the above mentioned links.

Update: There is a newer, faster and cheaper version out now: X25-M G2