Windows Vista – The Ultimate Crap

I bought a legal copy of Windows Vista. I installed Windows Vista properly with the correct Product-Key. Now – WOW – a Windows Vista Update is out so I went and installed that. But: After the Update, Windows Vista wants me to enter my product key again. I do that. But then it tells me my product key has already been registered and is being used and that I should buy a new product key! WTF? What the F*ck??? This is total Bullshit. I spend several 100 Dollars for my Windows Vista Ultimate and then THIS happens! WTF?

What are they thinking at Microsoft? Deactivating MY copy of Windows Vista Ultimate after every Update? I am not surprised that Windows Vista loses so much business to Windows XP.

Lest just get one thing straight. So far Windows Vista to me is the ULTIMATE Crap! Do not buy Windows Vista! Just don’t touch it.

Use Linux or buy a Mac.

Update: After dropping out of the Helpline several times and going half crazy and spending lots of time on the internet not being able to work with my latest Vista-Update, I  finally was able to reactivate my updated Windows Vista after I reactivated it _BY_PHONE_. Man! We live in the internet age! Why the heck do I have to update the latest Version of Vista by phone? I mean if this would be Windows 95 – ok – I would understand. But not Windows Vista, the latest, newest and supposedly best product so far of Microsoft. Gimme a break please.