Barack Obama’s first President-Elect Message on Youtube

Normally I am supporiting the Republicans; but I believe the 44th President-Elect led an astonishing campain over the internet. And he seems to be persuing this strategy as well as president elect. Here is his first message he is sending out over Youtube. It is a perfect Media-Message, eloquent, with the right topics. He seems young but he also seems to have analytical intelligence. He seems to be a family man and he seems to like politics. You should watch it. PS: Also read this post about the future CTO of the U.S.

Why Palin and MacCain need to win

This is another reason why Palin and MacCain need to win: Palin is doing an absolutely astonishing job in handling her job _and_ her family. Palin is a role model for millions of Americans and also knows how to make fun of herself. Watch that second video and you know what I mean. One first needs to see such a thing from either Obama or Biden. Both are _scared_ to s*itting their pants of answering questions directly to the media. This is not what I call leadership qualities.

Love for Palin – Respect for MacCain