Graphic Media Accelerator, Xorg and Intel

The other day I upgraded Xorg on my Gentoo Box (Kernel 2.6.30) and then my Firefox became incredibly slow when I tried to look at some flash pages or open Gmail. I heckled around and found the solution: The Graphic Media Accelerator from Intel should be labeled “Intel”  in our xorg.conf file and not “i810”. Since I changed that, everything runs smooth except that driconf still gives me an error [but I do not mind that because my Firefox is a lot faster now]. For Gentoo-Users also do not forget to set ‘VIDEO_CARDS=”intel”‘ in your /etc/make.conf. Also make sure you got all the Xorg modules compiled correctly [and the latest version thereof].

Chromium on Gentoo Linux running Smooth!

Ok, I had to do it and the result is nice. Chromium (the Google Browser) on my Gentoo Linux Box runs very nice. This is how you get there if you are on Gentoo-Linux:

Grab the custom Ebuild from here: