MobileMe from Apple does not work

My father has 6 Mac Laptops. So I thought it would make sense to use MobileMe to synchronize the addresses between the different machines, his iPhone and his iPad. But what happens was a total disaster. MobileMe kept doubling the address book entries and even worse: They started adding up and mixing address book entries from different people. Do not ask me how that happend but it did. I deactivated MobileMe. My father also went to the Apple Store in Switzerland, Bahnhofstrasse and they where not really interested in helping more then 10 minutes. This is not a service I would expect for such a good Apple customer.

Ruby and Apple

Last week the Ruby world was upside-down and because of some security warning that Apple released about some Ruby-Security issue. It turns out that this is all wrong and not as bad as it seems. Sorry but the Ruby-Guys at Apple are _total_ Morons! And the Japanese as polite as they are, are just too kind! Thank you Matz! Apple deserves a slap across the face for this one!

This is so classical!

And from the Gentoo Bug List: