Apple VGA to iPad Adapter is a ripp-off

The iPad to VGA Adapter is an official Apple Rip-Off. You can not use it to show Safari, iBooks or any other Application on your Screen or Projector. You can also not use it to display movies on your Television Screen. It works for Keynote. That is about it. This is a piece of Bullshit Apple. It just clogs my bag! Do not buy it. Steve Jobs once complained about Microsoft producing 3rd rate products but now it is Apple that creates 3rd rated products.

MobileMe from Apple does not work

My father has 6 Mac Laptops. So I thought it would make sense to use MobileMe to synchronize the addresses between the different machines, his iPhone and his iPad. But what happens was a total disaster. MobileMe kept doubling the address book entries and even worse: They started adding up and mixing address book entries from different people. Do not ask me how that happend but it did. I deactivated MobileMe. My father also went to the Apple Store in Switzerland, Bahnhofstrasse and they where not really interested in helping more then 10 minutes. This is not a service I would expect for such a good Apple customer.

Ruby and Apple

Last week the Ruby world was upside-down and because of some security warning that Apple released about some Ruby-Security issue. It turns out that this is all wrong and not as bad as it seems. Sorry but the Ruby-Guys at Apple are _total_ Morons! And the Japanese as polite as they are, are just too kind! Thank you Matz! Apple deserves a slap across the face for this one!

This is so classical!

And from the Gentoo Bug List: