Android is OpenSource? Not really and not quite there yet!

The timid Google. That is not something that we are actually used to! I just read this Blog Post from Greg Kroah-Hartman about Android and Google. Why is Google behaving so timid towards OpenSource but then again try to boast and show-off with being OpenSource if they are actually only half way true to themselves and to their users? After all without Linux Google would not exist. So they owe it to Linux and they know that. They also owe to OpenSource and they know it! So stop being timid Google and start behaving properly and get that Android Code back into the mainstream kernel where it belongs! Thank you!

Chromium on Gentoo Linux running Smooth!

Ok, I had to do it and the result is nice. Chromium (the Google Browser) on my Gentoo Linux Box runs very nice. This is how you get there if you are on Gentoo-Linux:

Grab the custom Ebuild from here:


Google Search Result Grouping by Similar Documents (Links)

What does Google really need in times of more and more and more (similar) Content online? They need a software that can tell them if a document or a link (the text / article behind the link) has similar content to other links. They need to compare links / pages on similarity and group them in link-families, not find similar links / pages (that is f*cking boring and annoying).

Why would such a Feature help the User?

As the internet content grows and grows there are a lot of articles and webpages out there that talk about the same content (new product release, Gossip about Obamas wife being “A proud American”, etc.). This blows up your search result and actually does not give you a better search result quality. It just gives you more quantity (more of the exact same sh*t). In the long run that is like eating to many Hamburgers in one day. It makes you fat and ugly and slow and drives up your healthcare costs. Sorry, I am not against fat people I just try to make an example.

Why does the feature “search for similar pages” not make any sense?

Again, if I click onto “search for similar pages” in Google, this will just give me more “Noise” and less “Quality”. Of what use are ‘100’000  Results / Pages found’ if I anyway can not look at them all? Google only delivers 1000 _real_ pages per search anyway (actually it can be far less then that). Every Google-Search-Result never contains more then 1000 valuable links to the entered search term.

The 1000-Valid-Google-Link-Question: More Quality

So now, if Google could tell me – of the valid 1000 Links it has found – which ones are actually similar THAT would be a huge improvement. A HUGE IMPROVEMENT! Let me give you an example: Once the iPhone was released there was zillion of press coverage about the basic key features: Turn the phone, increase image size with your fingers, Visual VoiceMail, etc). Why not just group all the articles that cover the basic features in one link category (find the similar documents) and separate the similar content from say an article that explains one feature in particular with a lot more in-depth coverage?

I know a software that can do above and I am working on it. I am working on a Google-Search-Result-On-The-Fly-Analysis that will group your Google-Search-Result by similar content behind the links. A Google-Filter that will make your life so much better!

Let me know if you want to fund my Idea! I want to keep it OpenSource!