Android is OpenSource? Not really and not quite there yet!

The timid Google. That is not something that we are actually used to! I just read this Blog Post from Greg Kroah-Hartman about Android and Google. Why is Google behaving so timid towards OpenSource but then again try to boast and show-off with being OpenSource if they are actually only half way true to themselves and to their users? After all without Linux Google would not exist. So they owe it to Linux and they know that. They also owe to OpenSource and they know it! So stop being timid Google and start behaving properly and get that Android Code back into the mainstream kernel where it belongs! Thank you!

Who and what is driving Linux?

This is an excellent paper about Linux:

from the paper:

Distributors like Red Hat, Novell, and MontaVista have a clear interest in making Linux as capable as it can be. Though these firms compete strongly with each other for customers, they all work together to make the Linux kernel better.


Companies which are not in the information technology business can still find working with Linux
beneficial. The 2.6.25 kernel included an implementation of the PF_CAN network protocol which was contributed by Volkswagen. 2.6.30 had a patch from Quantum Controls BV, which makes navigational
devices for yachts. These companies find Linux to be a solid platform upon which to build their products;
they contribute to the kernel to help ensure that Linux continues to meet their needs into the future. No other operating system gives this power to influence future development to its users.

Chromium on Gentoo Linux running Smooth!

Ok, I had to do it and the result is nice. Chromium (the Google Browser) on my Gentoo Linux Box runs very nice. This is how you get there if you are on Gentoo-Linux:

Grab the custom Ebuild from here: