Sync your iPhone with Linux – who has done that?


Is there anybody out there who as synced his iPhone with Linux? I am looking for a tool similar to jpilot for Palm. So far I have not found a software that will sync the content (specially Address Book and Calendar) with my Gentoo-Linux .

Any help is greatly appreciated.

16 thoughts on “Sync your iPhone with Linux – who has done that?

  1. is indeed an interesting option! Thank you for that hint. Unfortunately it is in Beta-Testing Mode still. But lets see what will come next and when we can sync our calendars.

    Ok, I synced but: The notes to the contacts are not being synced. Also there is no space for several Email-Addresses. But the Sync worked.

  2. Thank you for that hint! Have you ever tried to work together with jpilot? is a superb sync-solutions for Palm and it is 100% Open-Source. You may be able to hook up with the developer and integrate an iPhone Sync there as well.

  3. I just bought an iPhone 3G but I cannot activate it. I downloaded wine to installe iTunes 801 but it doesn’t install that iTunes for me. So I am wondering if there is any alternative to iTunes. Can I activate without iTunes?

  4. has any one tried XP as guest on VirtualBox on Linux (fedora 13)? It can handle palmone desktop on XP (as guest OS). The latest virtualBox handle USB well on guest OS.

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