Incremental upgrades

The kernel has a release cycle of every one or two weeks (rc-release) depending on the changes and quality of new code that Linus Torvalds gets. Interesting enough, Firefox is adapting to that method of release scheduling as well. Obviously there is no such thing as a time-scheduled release. There are just incremental upgrades and new features. New features obviously always have to go through several incremental stages.

Graphic Media Accelerator, Xorg and Intel

The other day I upgraded Xorg on my Gentoo Box (Kernel 2.6.30) and then my Firefox became incredibly slow when I tried to look at some flash pages or open Gmail. I heckled around and found the solution: The Graphic Media Accelerator from Intel should be labeled “Intel”  in our xorg.conf file and not “i810”. Since I changed that, everything runs smooth except that driconf still gives me an error [but I do not mind that because my Firefox is a lot faster now]. For Gentoo-Users also do not forget to set ‘VIDEO_CARDS=”intel”‘ in your /etc/make.conf. Also make sure you got all the Xorg modules compiled correctly [and the latest version thereof].

Force old Firefox Extensions to work in Minefield or Nightly-Trunk

I am a  nightly trunk addict also because I like to help OSS projects that I love and use daily. I stumbled across this Linuxworld article but installing the Nightly Tester Tools did not help. My about:config was missing the following two lines:



I added them with Right-Click, New > Boolean and set both to “False”. Now all my old extensions work and this is great!