GPLv2 vs GPLv3 – Linux and Sun

1. Linus Torvalds says the following about Sun and Linux

2. Jonathan Schwartz answers

My comment, I do not know if it will be allowed through Jonathan’s Blog censors:

This is very interesting. I got some questions:

1. How can you say, that companies and communities do not compete? That is total Bullshit! Communities and Companies compete more then ever these days. The same as Bloggers compete with the old school media. There is a hell of a lot competition going on. Gnome and KDE are another wonderful example of how communities compete against each other. Ubuntu and Gentoo are another wonderful example!

2. The Old Software development and distribution models do not work anymore and Sun will find out, if they want or if they do not want. Sun needs to learn more – lots more – from the OpenSource development model if they want to prosper in the future.

3. As Linus puts it, merely trying to take away the best people from the Linux Kernel will not work. Sun needs to realize that they must organize them selfs more and more like the Kernel development model is organized.

4. OpenSource tactics can and will be implemented in the Future business world as well.

5. Linux is a 21st century role model.

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