Some more observations on Ruby 1.8.6 and

Ok, since we installed Ruby 1.8.6 the GC (Garbage Collection) does not take 50 secs (or more) to do its job when our Application is around 2 GB big. The time is down to about 20 secs – and – the Speed at witch the queries are delivered is up up up! Thank you for fixing this, Dear Ruby Community.

Update: I must actually elaborate a bit. The GC used to force us to do a restart because it took such a long time to do its job. With Ruby 1.8.6 the memory usage still “grows” throughout the day. This just has less impact on our Service as we have 12 GB of memory on your server. We still want to find out what increases the memory consumption of our software, though. We owe that answer to Ryan Davis.

4 thoughts on “Some more observations on Ruby 1.8.6 and

  1. I am going to have to check that out, sounds very promising. Still wary about installing new Ruby versions though (fool me once…).

  2. Yes, our observations with Ruby 1.8.6 so far are:
    1. Ruby 1.8.6 is faster and allows more queries for our
    2. GC runs more “efficient”. When our application is bigger then 2 GB in the RAM, then the GC ‘only’ takes max. 20 secs to clear out the Garbage (v1.8.5 took 50 secs ore more)
    3. Memory still climbs but after 2 GB does not climb so fast anymore.
    4. We still seem to have “unidentified garbage bags” that are not been dumped out of the memory.
    More tomorrow.

  3. At this stage I think our dialog is done. It seems to me that you’re more interested in claiming there is a memory leak in ruby itself and pointing to (imo) rather bogus posts about it than you are interested in actually finding out what your app is doing wrong. I already told you that I’m available to help (but not for free) but you’ve not taken me up on that (which is fine). Yet, instead of digging in and figuring out what you’re leaking and then digging deeper and figuring out HOW/WHERE it is leaking, you just make more blog posts.

  4. 1. Yes, and I can make as many Blogposts as I want ;). And you are free to reply whatever you want.
    2. We are still digging. I will keep you posted (as you may know “Memory” and “Ruby” are quite a difficult topic).
    3. Thank you for your help so far. I understand that you would not help us for free.
    4. You can follow this RSS-Feed to see what is happening with our code:;a=rss

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