Observations about ODBA, Ruby 1.8.6 and ODDB.org

1. I’m following the memory consumption of our application ODDB.org, Ruby 1.8.6 and our OpenSource RAM-Cache-Management Software ODBA. When we have over 300 open Sessions it seems that that the GC takes far longer then 20 secs to do its job. At around 390 simultaneously open sessions my “Fasterfox” measured way over 60 sec until the application ‘returned’ in a responsive way to the user.

2. Somehow I also have the feeling that when we use more memory the GC runs faster. But that is just an assertion.

3. You can watch our memory consumption here.

4. One thing I can also say for sure is that Ruby 1.8.6 can deal with tons of more traffic. Somehow the GC has really been optimized.

5. We now know that we have some duplication of objects that we do not want to have. The objects have been identified but we do not yet know where they come from.

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