InfoCodex the Better Tool for Competitive Intelligence

Why cross-language semantic search technology is essential for Competitive Intelligence (CI)


In today’s highly competitive marketplace companies are forced to be aware of important moves and developments of their competitors without delay. The overload of information freely available in the internet (news feeds, patent registrations, press releases, etc.) in a variety of sources and languages can only be managed with highly sophisticated automated tools which are able to understand the meaning of documents and to consolidate the gathered information into a comprehensive daily update for the intelligence officer:


• Recognizing similar content from various sources:
InfoCodex automatically recognizes the similarity of content (even across different languages) and returns a consolidated overview of the new information. Example: the launch of the new Apple iPhone was covered in thousands of news sources all over the world, whereas the effective content (the fact that Apple launches a new cellular phone) was the same.


• Diffs: Sometimes details matter more and therefore, it’s important to have a monitoring tool which also allows you to recognize even the smallest changes in specific sources. Example: price changes or feature enhancements (in these cases the rest of the content of the corresponding files often remains the same).


• Automatic abstract generation: To scan new facts as efficiently as possible, InfoCodex automatically generates abstracts of the documents. By means of a user-specific filter and alert function, abstracts of particular interest can automatically be extracted or forwarded.

• Analyzing the search results of Google, Yahoo or any other search engine: InfoCodex creates a Heat Map based on content similarity of the documents, whereas Google or Yahoo will not recognize similar documents but just give you a bigger search result. InfoCodex will group similar documents based on their content into document families.

You can tell InfoCodex how deep it should digg “in links” and how many document’s content it should analyze.


See for yourself:

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