UPS is worse then DHL and TNT

I do not know but I always thought that UPS is better then DHL and TNT. But they are not. I payed USD 60 for a tiny chip to be shipped from Canada to Switzerland and they wanted to deliver the parcel at 11.58 right before noon. Well I was not there and asked if they can redeliver the pacakge. Then I found out that UPS baisically doesn’t redeliver on the same day. Well DHL and TNT do that. Then I asked if I could specify the time when the driver could deliver again. Not possible with UPS. But it is possible with DHL and TNT. DHL and TNT both can reach their drivers by phone and give them instructions. UPS can not do that. They can only send them One-Way messages. Why can’t UPS be a little bit more customer friendly? I mean after all UPS is more expensive then DHL and TNT but their Service is far worse.

4 thoughts on “UPS is worse then DHL and TNT

  1. I have just read your blog about ups is worse then tnt and dhl … for one i didn’t know till now that tnt and dhl are one and the same and second after i read about calling the drivers i called the 800 number and requested a return for the same day the showed up so thanks for that info

  2. I just read your blog today and i am thinking what you will do if your parcel wont be delivered after five months u were supposed to recieve it. i am here now at the head office in Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA, and they are keeping me for an hour to get someone responsible.

  3. I would write a long and detailed Blog about my experience and send it as letter to UPS or DHL whomever you are not satisfied with!


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