Sarah Lacy got burned by her own “Freedom of Speech” – or the Groupie on Stage Sickness

Sarah Lacy was burned by unprofessionalism and by simply not being a journalist but by being a groupie-on-stage. She acted as if she would be a groupie of Marc Zuckerberg. Being a journalist is more difficult then that.  Sarah was more interested talking about herself then really focusing on Facebook and the concerns the Users of Facebook have with Facebook. She was too cool and not serious enough. She should read some books of Oriana Fallaci to learn how to interview seriously and how to interview successful people (good or evil). Sarah Lacey was not prepared and not organized. It is only fair that she got flamed.

It will happen to Kara Swisher as well if she will not thoroughly prepare her interview.  How can Tech-Journalist do stupid things and not take responsibility for their action?

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