1Password does not do anything but annoy you. Just use iRemember

As a daily iPhone user I was on the search for a Software, that would store all your passwords in Safari without having to re-enter them everytime you connect to a website where a login is required. So I bought 1Password and I must say it is _total_crap_! It has not worked for one single website that I use, not a single one! I have no idea why this software exists! Today I found the following software, for free: iRemember from iSpazio. Sometimes it is worth it not trying to hard and just to wait for the best solution (which can be free a lot of the times).

3 thoughts on “1Password does not do anything but annoy you. Just use iRemember

  1. I’m sorry you had trouble with 1Password, specifically the iPhone version I am guessing.

    Just to be sure, were you using the `1Password Logins` bookmarklet for logging in on the iPhone? We didn’t want to require jail breaking the iPhone so we used a standard Javascript bookmarklet for all logins, and while it works well on many sites, there are some technical limitations to how much it can do.

    With the iPhone SDK we will be able to much more as a native application.


    –Dave Teare
    Co-author of 1Password

  2. I am running on Firmware Version 1.1.3 but 1Password actually never worked for me on a single site. I always downloaded the latest Beta-Release. Still no luck, and today I came across iRemember and it just worked.

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