Songbird makes you want to listen to Music!

Songbird is everything iTunes is not and much more. The only thing similar to iTunes is the Look and Feel. Songbird is amazing! Mozilla must have the smart new people working for them, Go Mozilla Foundation!

I just downloaded Songbird and it was really amazing how fast I was able to search, listen and then download the music I wanted to download (who donwloads anyway these days except for want you really want on your iPod or iPhone to listen on the go).

I recommend you install Songbird and see yourself.

Enjoy! And kudos to the people who work for Songbird. I an running Songbird on OS X, Linux and on my emulated Windows XP on QEMU.

I believe that with Songbird you will not need your 80GB music collection anymore. Free up your Harddisk for Songbird!

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