Nice tidbits from the Statistical Review of World Energy 2009

Renewable energy continued to grow strongly. Global wind and solar generation capacity increased by 29.9% and 69%, respectively – both figures above the 10-year average. Driven by a favourable policy environment, US wind capacity rose by 49.5%, surpassing Germany as the world’s capacity leader. Ethanol production rose by one-third driven by continued strong growth in the US and Brazil. Download the PDF here:


Global gas production grew by 3.8%, above the 10-year average of 3%. Strong growth was driven by the US, which for the second consecutive year accounted for the largest increment to global production. In the US output rose by 7.5%, 10 times the 10-year average and the strongest volumetric growth on record. The development of unconventional resources and strong drilling activity (which began to decline later in the year as prices weakened) drove the US increase. Qatar accounted for the second-largest increment to supply as pipeline shipments to the UAE continued to ramp up. EU production rose for the fi rst time since 2004, as increases in the Netherlands and Denmark offset UK declines.

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