The Kindle arrives in Switzerland and Calibre is for free

Yes, I have been waiting for this a long time and finally it arrived. The Kindle from Amazon. My first impression was more then bad. No Wireless (I mean the Kindle can not connect to my Wireless Network in my office or in my home). I was thinking WTF. Books seem as expensive as if you buy them directly from Amazon. The Browser has been disabled for all Non-US Customers. Again WTF. Why does Amazon not put a Wireless card into the Kindle so I can at least surf and receive Email while I am on my own broadband Network. That I do not understand.


I discovered Calibre and that just about makes the Kindle a good buy. Without this piece of Software the Kindle would be as Scam. A big Scam. The iPhone would be much better still for reading articles (and for surfing). But once you get a hand on Calibre and you have your copy of Der Spiegel, Wall Street Journal and The Economist on your Kindle, what else do you need? Well it would be nice if the Kindle would integrate with the Google Reader. That would be very nice. But obviously that is not yet possible for a Swiss customer. Leider. But Calibre is just one great piece of Software if you are a Kindle owner and use Linux and Mac. Although it will also run on Windows.

Remark: The Software Amazon is about to release will only run on Windows ;( again. WTF. But Calibre it shall be!

Oh!: And thanks for the USD 20 refund, Amazon. That was fair!

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