Swine flu spirit takes hold of the European Airline industry.

One volcano erupts and the whole European Airline industry goes to shatters. The media hardly reports any useful information (live data of the ashes cloud) and big Airlines do not know how to lead an argument of this size. Somehow they are just to dumb!

Fred Prata is an atmospheric physicist who has been developing a sensor to warn pilots about volcanic ash clouds up to 100 kilometres ahead of their plane so they can thread a safe path around it. But despite successful ground tests, he has not been able to secure the funding to test it in the air.

Instead the stingy Airline Business is losing billions now just because they where to stupid to support one very smart physicist with a couple of millions dollars!

Of course the government agencies who work together with the state sponsored universities are as “innovative” as the Airline industry. They do nothing at all and just repeat what the other agency said.

I hope Fred Prata gets a the attention he deserves now!

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