GPLv2 vs GPLv3, an open Discussion

Linus says it all in his posts today. See here as an example. It is interesting to see how he argues about GIT, GPLv2 and merging. Linus continues here with his “Tit-for-Tat” argument. An obviously Linus for sure it not confused! Linus also likes the term Open Source more than the term Free Software. And obviously the Future is about “Open Content”. Additional permission in GPLv3 make no sense to Linus. Here there is some more insight (and this one is actually quite inspiring) why Linus chose GPLv2 and why the DNA of Linux is most important, more important then the individual. And now obviously Linus is grumped up. This one is about Dual-Lincensing. Obviously GPLv2v is more free then GPLv3. Linus actually likes Tivo, because they showed good manners in the first place. Why 160-bit SHA1 of a binary should not be made a “derived work” of that software. Linux is obviously and eco-system where the individual only succeeds if everybody succeeds. Last but not least for the day: Idetifying the “correct” binary.

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