Why does T-Mobile send Passwords in Clear-Text-Format

I just had to buy a T-Mobile-Hot-Spot internet access in a Hotel in München for EUR 8 for 60 Minutes (that is about 12 USD). When you sign up they give you a super-sexy-flashy AJAX app that shows the strength of your password. Great! Thank you very much. And then: They send you the password in _Clear_Text_! How dam stupid is T-Mobile? First harassing me with completely overcharged Broad-Band-Prices for 60 Minutes and then harassing me at the sign up with stupid Password-Strength-Indicators and then sending me my Password in overly stupid Clear-Text.

I mean come on. Where do you spend your monopolistic money? And if you overcharge: Why not do a smart service. But that is normal. Monopolies always overcharge and _always_ have horrific service.

Tipp to T-Mobile: Never ever send out passwords. The user should always be able to remember his password. Or just make your Hot-Spots for free links in Athens on Syntagma Square.

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