Hotel Recommendations for London

After enjoying a horribly overpriced hotel experience in London with Shitty Service and false promises (Hyatt Andaz) I searched bit further and would like to recommend the following hotels for London:

Kensington Area
1. Royal garden 5 star so no need to say anything
2. kensington room, a modern hotel for the price no so bad if u can get a nice room
3. Millenium gloucester, not bad
4. holiday inn kensington south forum, room not that spacious but clean
5. citadine south kensington, is an apartment for the price is not bad

Russel Area
1. russel hotel used to be a very shitty hotel, now is ok for that price
2. novotel st pancras, simple but clean
3. holiday inn bloomsbury
4. citadines holborn, nice apartment

You may also want to try out these:

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