State of Fear and Rich Dad Poor Dad

During Christmas and New Year in the Swiss Alps I found some time (besides teaching my wife to snowboard and hiking up some mountains with the snowboard on my back) to read two books:  The first one being Michael Crichton’s “State of Fear” and the second being “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kyosaki.

In “State of Fear” Michael Crichton describe the whole global warming campaign as Global-Media-Fear-Campaign and gives _real_ references to all his arguments he makes. I could not stop reading the book and after finishing it also watched some public presentations of Michael Crichton available on his public website. One of his main arguments is:  “How can you tell if global warming is happening if you can not even predict the weather more then 4 days in advance”? His arguments are well researched and well documented and well thought trough. It is also nice to read what happens with the Hollywood-Stereotype-Actor ;). I found the book because I heard of Michael Crichton’s death in November 2008 on PBS. They also mentioned that Michael Crichton was an adviser to GWB.

“Rich dad poor Dad” was recommended to me by a New Zealand friend of mine living in Tokyo. The book starts of with a very nice example of two boys wanting to be rich making nickels out of the metal of toothpaste tubes. It describes Roberts childhood, having two dads, one an academic and the other an entrepreneur. Teaching the boys how to become rich, the entrepreneur dad starts with paying them 10 cents an hour for dusting of food cans (the minimum wage would be 25 cents an hour). For their second job, he pays the boys nothing and then after that they start inventing their own business. It is an interesting read. Specially the first example is very good! Kyosaki a fourth generation Japanese American born in Hawaii, brings more interesting examples. Some examples are bit to “money-focused” and not enough intrinsically driven for me. Still an interesting read. Thanks for the read my Dear Friend.

One thought on “State of Fear and Rich Dad Poor Dad

  1. I would like to invite you to visit my blog as I am also a fan of kiyosaki’s thoughts. I was surprised though that one of his thoughts was contradicted by some commenters. This is with regards to the idea of assets and liabilities in my article entitled “house: asset or liabilities”.

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