Selling with the argument of something being “greener”

The other day the power supply of my 1HE Switch stopped working. Some Power-Overload in my office Rack I believe. I screwed the Switch out of the Rack and opened it. First I thought OMG I have to buy a new one. Then I thought “lets just fix this”. I contacted the manufacturer Support (Email of Support was linked with the Email-Address of Sales, I checked that later) of the Switch and told him about my problem. Instantly a sales person replied and told me to buy a new, greener, Switch. The argument was “buying a new Switch is cheaper then fixing the old one”. But that was not my intent. I wanted to _fix_ my switch not buy a new one. But I understood the arguments. I was supposed to feel good by owning a new Switch that uses less electricity. My thinking went on. I thought “Buying a new switch means that the new Switch has to be produced”. The energy it takes to produce and ship a new Switch is a lot bigger then the energy consumed to run an old, repaired Switch. So I ordered an Open-Frame Power-Supply via Ebay. Bingo, it was the wrong one. I cross-checked the output numbers and found out that it was my mistake. So I ordered another Power-Supply with what I thought would now be the correct Output. This time I did not buy on Ebay. I bought it locally in Switzerland. Bingo. It worked. I did not have to throw away my old Switch but I had one trial-error that is partly wasted (at least the shipping cost). But it was still cheaper then buying a newer Switch. I also believe that my solution is “greener” then if I would have bought a new Switch. This is where I bought my OpenFrame PowerSupply. Model # LPS42.

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